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Idioritaime {Your Skin Is My Sky} - Mapping Festival
Mixed reality device with performance
Idioritaime {Your Skin Is My Sky}
Prof. David Rudrauf, Isabella Pasqualini, Anatoli Vlassov (CH/FR)
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Idioritaime {Your Skin Is My Sky}
Prof. David Rudrauf, Isabella Pasqualini, Anatoli Vlassov (CH/FR)

11.05.18 — 22:00
12.05.18 — 22:00

Bains des Pâquis

Free entrance

Idioritaime {Your Skin Is My Sky} invites you to experience the magical encounter with an unknown human being. Two people are connected with virtual reality headsets and surrounded by a polyphonic ring of dancers. Halfway between theorem and poem, this ritual incantation immerses the bodies in both a real and virtual, physical and imaginary dance. In this context of intimacy and eeriness, eyes meet and share their singularity. Does the encounter with the other only take place in reality? And beyond the present moment, what is the role of the fantasy we project on the other with a sense of intimacy or estrangement? Proceeding from these questions, Idioritaime {Your Skin Is My Sky} sets the intersubjective encounter within an immersive reality on the lake, at the Bains des Pâquis pier. This artistic performance invites to both an individual and collective reflection, and to a discussion with the attending scientists.

In doing so, the work of art and its surrounding mediation contribute to the ongoing debate on the mysteries of consciousness, as studied in neurosciences, unfolded by artificial intelligence technology, modelled by mathematics, or performed by art and life sciences. A mixed reality and interactions which question the boundaries between fantasy and reality, virtual and physical, their links, and their scientific and philosophical foundations.
This transdisciplinary work, supported by the SFN Agora Program (Swiss National Science Foundation), plays with the mathematical algorithmic of projective consciousness developed by Prof. David Rudrauf (University of Geneva), as well as a stage architecture by artist and researcher Isabella Pasqualini, and the Phonésie, a performative practice by choreographer, dancer and researcher Anatoli Vlassov.
In parallel to the evening of artistic performance, a convivial space at the Bains des Pâquis will welcome everyone to discuss and reflect upon this mathematical theory of consciousness.  
The venue will encourage the public to engage individually and collectively in an exchange around key elements of the theory. It will be an opportunity to put one’s own intuitions and experiences on the subject of consciousness into play, to share them, to tell them, to wonder about it, over a drink by the Geneva Lake. What is the form of my subjective experience? What are the relationships between the space I inhabit and the emotions I feel? What is the role of perspective and of the horizon in perception and imagination? What connects my body to my point of view, and my point of view to infinity?

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