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SpaceTime Helix - Mapping Festival
A/V Performance
SpaceTime Helix
Michela Pelusio (IT)
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SpaceTime Helix
Michela Pelusio (IT)

11.05.18 — 20:40

Bâtiment H

In her work, Michela Pelusio often plays with physical and natural phenomena which stimulate the observation and the perception of our inner and outer space. SpaceTime Helix is an audiovisual performance with a giant spinning standing wave in a white string, forming a large helicoid up to the ceiling. The helix surface is bright and transparent, with waves running over it, disappearing into the future, more and more distant in space-time. With this work, Pelusio explores helical symmetries and infinity, frequencies and geometry, elementary particles and quantum physics, sonic visions and perceptions. The performance is like a play with elementary physics and particles.

Michela Pelusio is Italian artist based in Athens. She has created installations and performance all over the world. She focuses on creating immersive experiences using space, light, matter and sound, producing experiences of being present in an environment that is magic and non-recordable. Her research involves the exploration of human perception, natural phenomena, art and science. Michela has a Master degree in ArtScience from the Interfaculty of ArtScience (KABK, KONCON) in The Hague, where she subsequently worked as a teacher of Synesthetics and Genius Loci. She also has a degree in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Art of Carrara, Italy. She is a partner and curator of the program SPEKTRUM Athens/Berlin.

Credits: Soft Melancholy

Credits: Axel Pics

Credits: Elisabeth Cacho

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