Mapping, Mixing, Modulating Light and Video
Gaël Abegg Gauthey (CH)
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Mapping, Mixing, Modulating Light and Video
Gaël Abegg Gauthey (CH)

10.05.18 — 15:30

Bâtiment H

Speakers:Gaël Abegg Gauthey

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Opening their toolbox of MadMapper, Modul8, and miniMAD, garageCube’s Gaël Abegg Gauthey will demonstrate how to manage, mix, map, and modulate light and video in real-time. Learn how to control LEDs and multi-computer set-ups in installations or on stage.

Fans of Modul8 and madMapper rejoice: garageCube, developer of powerful technologies for live video mixing, video mapping, and LED control, will bring their entire arsenal. Using Modul8, madMapper, miniMAD, and LED kit, Gaël Abegg Gauthey (and special garageCube guests) will demonstrate setups and workflows for two use cases: first, participants will learn how to manage, mix, and map light and video in performance and installation contexts by connecting Modul8 and madMapper with garageCube’s own LED kit. Next, you’ll learn how to use Modul8 and madMapper in a multi-computer setup where video contents and a network of inputs and outputs is shared. Finally, participants will synchronize and control miniMAD, garageCube’s all-in-one device for video and LED mapping. Let the ‘electric light orchestra’ begin!

Workshop duration: half-day
Workshop language: English/ French (depending on the participants preference)
Number of participants: 12 max.
Requirements: a computer capable of running Modul8 and MadMapper (see respective specifications).

About Gaël Abegg Gauthey: garageCube’s technical support and community manager Gaël Abegg Gauthey is also a visual artist, a developer, and an educator in a variety of tools and technologies. In addition to teaching garageCube’s own light and video mapping tools, he trains young animators in collaboration with the education and culture department of Annecy, home to the famous animation festival.