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Augmented Reality DIY - Mapping Festival
Augmented Reality DIY
Raphaël de Courville, Stef Tervelde (FR/NL)
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Augmented Reality DIY
Raphaël de Courville, Stef Tervelde (FR/NL)

10.05.18 — 15:30

Bâtiment H

Speakers:Raphaël de Courville, Stef Tervelde

-> To join this or other workshops, first purchase a Mapping LAB ticket here and then register (for either a full-day or two half-day workshops) here.

The magic of the virtual overlay: creative technologists Raphaël de Courville and Stef Tervelde will introduce mobile Augmented Reality, show how to develop for it using Unity and ARKit, and help participants build their own interactive mobile AR experience.

With the recent success of Apple’s augmented reality toolbox ARKit, the promise of mobile AR – the seamless insertion of computer generated content into our surroundings – is finally beginning to deliver. In this workshop, participants will learn ‘why augmented reality matters’ (see Raphaël’s eponymous essay linked below) and how to create handheld, interactive AR experiences of their own. After an introduction to the possibilities and limits of mobile AR today, participants will get started with the basics of AR development in Unity, learn how to use ARKit’s image recognition (to detect visual markers like posters or paintings), and program AR interaction (placing a 3D object in a virtual space, and triggering animation and sound by tap or proximity). P.S. We will ‘repaint’ (augment) vintage fleamarket paintings, participants are encouraged to bring their own.

Workshop duration: half-day
Workshop language: English/ French (depending on the participants preference)
Number of participants: 12 max.
Requirements: a laptop with enough graphics performance to run Unity / Unity version 2017.1 or above / iPhone 6s or higher with iOS 11.3 installed / recommended: Macbook with macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or above + latest XCode 9.3 from the Apple Developer website (requires macOS 10.13) / also: bring your own fleamarket painting to use as a marker.
Useful Reading: Why Mobile AR Matters / Developing for ARKit 1.5 update using Unity ARKit Plugin.

About Raphaël de Courville and Stef Tervelde: Raphaël de Courville is a media artist, and educator based in Berlin. Prior to co-founding NEEEU, Raphaël worked for ART+COM where he led a prototyping and R&D space focused on ambient interaction. He has also been hosting the Creative Code Berlin meetups since 2013. His work has been exhibited internationally, including at Akademie der Künste (Berlin), White Night (Brighton), Collegium Hungaricum (Berlin).
Stef Tervelde is a graduate of Interaction Design at ArtEZ Academy of Art Arnhem with a passion for all things digital. He uses code to design processes for quick iteration and design as a tool to look critically at the technologies that he creates. He is currently part of the team at NEEEU.

Credits: NEEEU & Geoffrey Marchal

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