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Plaid & Felix's Machines - Mapping Festival
Performative Installation
Plaid & Felix’s Machines
Plaid, Felix Thorn (UK)
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Plaid & Felix’s Machines
Plaid, Felix Thorn (UK)

09.05.18 — 22:00

Bâtiment H

Discover the project Plaid & Felix’s Machines during the second part of the opening night. The doors will open at 8:30pm and tickets are available here.

In 2009, Ed Handley and Andy Turner, best known as the electronic music duo Plaid (Warp Records), worked with Felix Thorn to create an original show with music written specifically for the machines. Since then, the collaboration has grown alongside Felix’s solo development of the machines, helping guide the physical configuration towards a more immersive live show experience. The Plaid and Felix’s Machines show brings together a unique mixture of natural amplification and audio processing synchronised with hypnotic patterns of light and movement. The latest augmentation has inspired new compositions which continue to be refined and adapted in each space the machines perform in.

Felix Thorn is an artist who creates music using audio-visual sculptures designed and constructed by himself. The project ‘Felix’s Machines’ was originally built as an acoustic set of machines intended for gallery exhibitions, installations and intimate performances. Plaid have been writing music together for the past 25 years, mostly for the British independent label Warp Records. Their open approach to composition has led to many collaborative projects with groups such as The London Sinfonietta and the Southbank Gamelan Players, blending modern synthesis seamlessly with real world instrumentation.

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