2018 Team

Justine Beaujouan — Administration and production
Ana Ascencio — Artistic direction
Pascal Knoerr — Press officer, communication & media partnerships
Emilie Bruchez — Web and community manager
Noémie Hernandez — Ticketing and translation
Pauline Pannatier — Communication assistant
Marie Klay — Production assistant
Carlo Maria Marangoni — Technical director
Baija Lidaouane — Administrator
Sorya Serrati — Bars
Nicola Zanetti-Chini — Venue supervisor
Gil Costa — Logistics
Eveline Murenbeeld — Accounting
Xenia Zonnevijlle — Translation

Frédéric Held — Graphic Design (AD)
Mélanie Herrmann
— Graphic Design assistant
Lionel Tardy
— Website
Fabien Jupille & Marie Marcon
— Video recording & editing
Stéphane Pecorini
— Photography

Carmen Salas — Curator Paradigm_Shift forum program
Alexander Scholz (Creative Applications) — Curator workshops program
Marie-Laure Bourquin, Aurélien Reymond (GALTA) & Medi Spiegelberg (GALTA) — Scenography

Curatorial committee — Ana Ascencio, Hendrik van Boetzelaer, Audrey Powell,
Justine Beaujouan

President — David Perrot
Treasurer — Audrey Powell
Secretary — Nicolas Nova

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